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There's always room for edits

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

If you're here, you're probably one-half of a couple in a committed relationship. You also are more-than-likely doing what you can to strengthen your relationship or reignite that spark that made you head-over-heels in love, to begin with. Or, you quite possibly are cruising along and very happy and comfortable. But, as we know, no matter how good or not-so-great things may be, there's always room for edits!

We continually make edits in our careers, our homes, our children...why not our relationship? Especially the last 1.5 years, a new "normal" has placed new challenges and strains on our relationships. Long-past are the days of butterflies and the excitement that comes with spending time with our new love, but instead, real-life has crept in, and adulting is working overtime.

Commitment is WORK; let's face it! Love doesn't pay the bills, and love and passion don't ensure a happily-ever-after. Love is the base that gets us started; the rest is up to us, and the willingness to go all-in, drive our stake in the ground, and declare we're going to do our part to make it work. Keywords: "OUR PART." We can't change anyone, only ourselves, but you, as 1/2 of the couple; maybe your part will be the spark that helps reignite the flame!

Many things can make or break a solid relationship. We never purposely commit to the long game only to break our hearts or someone else's. We never plan to divorce when we marry; we certainly never hope to divide our homes and our kids into "assets." We enter our commitment with hope, love, and the can-do outlook of blue skies ahead, do we not?

Listen, we're not therapists or marriage counselors; we're real couples who are beating the statistical odds and making our relationships work. We've overcome our own obstacles, and we've managed to get through them together. Far from perfect, but real, and using our edits to hopefully encourage you and provide an entire community of other couples willing to make edits that strengthen their own relationships.

Launching Soon!  The Couple's Edit Experience

Stay tuned as we continue to share edits here and through The Couple's Edit Facebook page. Plus, stay tuned to the new Couple's Edit Experience coming soon. You can stay up-to-date by subscribing for more information on its release.

We would love to continue to connect with you and learn more about you and your significant other. Say hi to us below in a comment, introduce yourself and let us know what has brought you here!

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