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The Couple's Edit Experience
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Beyond Candy & Roses - Rediscovering True Love
An Interactive Experience for Committed Couples
Now Available!
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Let's face it, falling in love is the easy part!

Life certainly has a way of running things for us, does it not? We certainly have thought we’d end up in a different place, or at least much further down the road than where we currently are.

This experience is designed for ANYONE in a committed relationship.

It doesn’t matter whether:

  • You’ve been married or dating for as long as you can remember;

  • You’re newly engaged;

  • Young or old;

  • You’re dating, and it’s fairly new;

  • You’re empty nesters looking to reconnect as a couple;

  • Your relationship is falling apart, and you’re not sure you’ll stay together; or

  • You’re blissfully happy but looking to grow even stronger as a couple…

You can rediscover the very foundation of your love through fun communication exercises.
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