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The Couple's Edit Gift Ideas

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

We've got you covered with a fabulous, curated selection of gifts just for him or her. We've done the legwork for you and tried every item listed. We guarantee that at least one or two you will want to gift to yourself. So settle in and read on for our curated 2023 selection, and get your LOVE on!

Gifts Ideas

The Couples Edit Experience…because sometimes navigating relationships alone can be challenging enough. This interactive experience that couples complete together takes a couple beyond the candy and roses of the early days and helps to reignite that spark you had in the beginning but may have lost over time…once real life kicked you out of your love bubble.


SERVD pulls from your everyday life and takes situations that may come up between couples and then turns them into hilarious actions in the card game. This game can put a new spin on game night and beyond.


His and Her Tees and Mugs

We LOVE these tees and mugs because they clearly show how men and women interpret what the opposite sex says. These She Said/He Heard, He Said/She Heard tees and Mugs are also great conversation starters!


Movie Night In

Elevate your Movie Night with Urban Accents Movie Popcorn and a seasoning variety pack. We loved that 5 different seasonings come in this set. We guarantee that there is a seasoning for everyone included in this set!


Even Her Feet Will Love You

Keep it cute and elegant! The plush memory foam slippers add a bit of glam to your lounge ensemble. Super soft and comfy and comes in 9 different colors!


A Soft Hug

Keep it cozy with this Femofit Women's Hooded Bathrobe Plush Flannel Reversible Fleece Robe.

Soft, cuddly, and warm…like a big hug. This robe is great for those days or nights when you want to curl up, stay cozy, and relax.


The Qi Tea

We are obsessed with this tea! Our favorites are the Shangri-la Rose and the Blue Lotus teas. Not only are they beautiful, but they are delish! The entire vibe of this tea is elegance, beauty, and relaxation.

Use our 20% off code to treat yourself or someone you love. You deserve it…and so do they!

On all orders of $100 or more with code QiFlower20


Straight Up Magic

When you need to be reminded that you ARE the magic, this Face It Girl collection is the perfect for that! We can't get enough and have collected them all!


Gearharts Chocolates

There is something for every chocolate lover in this box. These artisanal chocolates showcase an amazing variety of ingredients from all over the globe. Try to stop at one piece…we dare you!


Sleep Shorts

For your sweetheart… these sleep shorts are fun and flirty, with just the right amount of oomph to bring a smile to the recipient’s face.

Did we mention that these are so very soft that we think they won’t stay in the drawer after Valentine’s day?

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